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People quote scriptures from the Bible, but oftentimes they leave out important words or phrases. This leads to misinterpretation or a misunderstanding of their meanings. God gave Gertrude Keasley insight into several scriptures that are often only partially quoted. She explored and delineated this revelation into her book, “According To …”, in which she aims to shed light on an often omitted phrase with the hopes that it will be a blessing to those who read it.

Book Reviews

Marry C. White, Miramar, Florida

“The book sheds light to some of the misinterpreted phrases in the Bible. I’m so glad to have bought this book!”

Chris C. Rae, Santa Rosa, California

“A must read for people who want to enrich their Christian journey.”

Amanda Owen, Macon, Georgia

“Strengthening our relationship with God and understanding more His words, this book will do just both.”

Gertrude Richardson Keasley

About the Author

Gertrude Keasley is a member of Kingdom Restoration Ministries where she serves as a member of the Ministerial staff, Official Board, Executive Assistant to the Pastor, Sunday School and New Member Class teacher, Prayer Leader and Church Administrator. At the time of writing “According To…”, she was a member of Mt. Airy COGIC and the Koinonia Jurisdiction of the COGIC. As such, she served as Auxiliary Coordinator, Secretary of the School of the Prophets, Office Manager, Jurisdiction Field Representative for the Sunday School Department, secretary of the Women’s Department and member of the Executive Committee of the Jurisdiction Women’s Department. She taught courses in the Mt. Airy Religious Training Institute. She also conducted seminars, workshops and retreats. Gertrude holds a strong belief that more member involvement in regular corporate prayer and Bible study would help to strengthen the churches. She is a retired Federal Government employee where she served for over 35 years, and a graduate of Antioch University with a BS in Human Services and a MA in Administration.

According to . . .


We cannot let our desires “run-a-muck.” It is imperative that our desires stay within the parameters of the Word of God. In order to do this, we must allow the reins of the Holy Spirit to draw them into the boundaries set by the Word! Then, and only then will “He give us the desires of our heart.”

God is our power source. In the Old Testament, God dealt with the Israelites differently. Some people saw him as powerful and unmerciful at times. But in the New Testament, Jesus (the Word) has been introduced into the equation. He is the “transformer” who harnesses, controls, breaks down the power into useable form.

This scripture does not apply to everyone. It applies to those who (a) love God and (b) are the called according to His purpose. The conjunction “and” connects two groups. Both of these conditions must be met in order for all things to work together for good.

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